Symphony #3 for Organ – The Reformation

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This four movement work for solo organ was commissioned by German concert organist Hartmut Siebmanns to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Each of its movements is based on a reformation-era hymn tune, making them suitable for excerpting, either in worship services or recital. Moderately difficult.

DH1701 – Symphony #3 for Organ – The Reformation – $22.95

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  1. Pat Henry says:

    Are any musical clips available online?

    • Dan Gawthrop says:

      Not yet, though organist David Pickering has recorded the entire work for release on a CD later this year. Also, you might find the review in the January 2018 issue of The American Organist (p. 79) to be of interest.

  2. Nannette Tornblom says:

    I am interested in ordering this piece but would like to know the names of the hymn tunes on which each movement is based. Also, please indicate the musical forms utilized, such as trio, fugue, etc. in each movement. Thank you!

    • Dan Gawthrop says:

      Hi Nannette,

      The movements are as follows:

      I – Intrada (Nun Komm, Der Heiden Heiland)
      II – Capriccio (Wachet Auf)
      III – Largo (Aus Tiefer Not)
      IV – Finale (Ein Feste Burg)

      As for form, you are welcome to make an analysis if you wish. I have not done so. Like the making of sausages and legislation, looking too closely at composition may reveal things best left unseen! 😉

      Dan Gawthrop